Team Nebraska we are so proud of you for how you have represented the Cornhusker State in Oklahoma City this past week! To the Youth who will be moving on this year, good luck, we have loved having you! To the ones who have a  year left or many years, keep up the hard work and dedication! 


2019 NQHYA Qualifying Shows

2018 Labor Day Show
2018 Silver Classic SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY!!!
April 4th-7th 2019 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY!!!
April 27th-28th 2019
May 17th-19th 2019
June 14th-18th 2019 plus Roping June 20th-23rd 2019
July 21st-22nd 2019

State Qualifying Points

*updated as of 5.17.19


via AQHA website: It’s going to be a fun filled year for AQHYA members across the globe. A year full of monthly challenges to not only grow AQHYA, but to also grow as leaders. Each month we will ask members to “Rise to Challenge” and then challenge others to participate as well.

Share your completed challenges on social media via Instagram posts, videos or stories for a chance to win great prizes. Don’t forget to call out friends to “accept the challenge” and watch how the AQHYA message can spread!

Challenge Calendar

 February: Share Your AQHYA Story

March: Do a community service project or preform a random act of kindness.

April: What do you love about YES?

May: Stepping up as a leader - Interview a mentor!

June: AQHA showing – try a new discipline!

July: Get Outdoors – take a friend riding!

August: Show your AQHYA Pride!

September: Expand your Horsemanship.

October: Bring a friend to an event or meeting.

November: School Spirit – What are your future plans or dream job?

December: Make a difference and give back to someone in need.


Tag @officialaqhya and #ChallengeAQHYA, #RisetotheChallenge and #ChallengeAccepted in your social media posts for the chance to be featured on our pages. We will be sharing more info about each challenge during its designated month and give some ideas on how you can “Rise to the Challenge.”

Who’s ready to #RisetotheChallenge?


NQHYA Officers

President: Adilynn Friesen

Vice President: Nicole Messbarger

Secretary: Ella Gerlach

Treasurer: Lilly Hirschfeld

News Reporter: Gracie Philpot

Youth Adviser

Michelle Doescher....Omaha,